FLDX 0.8 : 1 (EN62) lens

Wide-angle fixed lens for F40/F70/F90

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F70-4K4, F70-4K6, F70-4K8, F70-W6, F70-W8, F90-4K13, F90-W13, FL40-4K, FL40-WU, FS40-4K, FS40-WU, FS70-4K4, FS70-4K6, FS70-W6

About FLDX 0.8 : 1 (EN62) lens

This is a new, high-resolution all-glass lens replacing the EN42 and NV42. It comes with motorized and index-based iris and focus to accommodate for an accurate set/get value. It is also optimized for night vision and IR transmission for training using NVGs.

Can also be used on the Barco F80-series with adapter and specific software.

FLDX 0.8 : 1 (EN62) lens

CR lens wide angle fixed (high resolution) (EN62)
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